Friday, August 27, 2010

Trip to NY

Snuggling with Mim
On the helicopter at Hoffman's Playland
Eating a big lollipop
Hanging out at Uncle Mark's camp in a tent with Katie and Lhara
Emma aka MJ
Emma with "Toady" ( she also found a caterpillar and a dead fish)

We were gone for 2 weeks but it felt like more. We did so much. Even though I don't have any pictures of most of it. I was awful about taking pictures. Partly because every time I bring it out, Nora has a fit. She hates the camera now. She used to love it and yell cheese. AND because I just plain forgot to take pics.

We had a great visit with my folks. We played in the backyard (fenced in thank you very much), swam in the neighbors pool everyday, made s'mores in the fire pit, made Mim's house very messy, went to my brother's house on Loon Lake, had Emma's 7th birthday party Michael Jackson style, played with Katie and Brynna, ate lobster, saw lots of family and friends and just spent time with Mim and G-gather. It was very relaxing, or at least as relaxing as it can be with Nora in the mix. I guess not very relaxing but at least there were at least 3 adults to 1 Nora at all times.

Alex and I got away for a night and went to Boston. We saw our good friends Laura and Justin for dinner and had some laughs. It was so much fun. Now THAT was relaxing. This was only the 2nd time, yes 2nd time we have gotten away from the girls-together. Ever. The last time was when Emma was 1 and we went to NYC. Alex travels all the time and I've taken a few nights here and there for a girls weekend or something but we really haven't gotten away with the both of us leaving at the same time going to the same place. Crazy I know. We should do it more often.

Anyway, it was great to see everyone in NY. There was lots of other stuff we did but I can't remember right now.

We are back home and getting ready for Emma to start 2nd grade on Monday. Nora lost her 5th tooth tonight before bed. Her bottom fronts are starting to pop through. So weird. We saw the dentist today actually and Nora does not have any cavities and they look good, for the amount of grinding she's done.

Thanks for checking in