Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I took the leap and let Nora get the MMR shot yesterday at her 4 yr. old well visit. She seems to be handling it just fine. I don't really have any fears anymore. I think because she is quite healthy and has been seizure free for so long. And her development is progressing non stop. She is still off on vaccines but I am not too worried about the others. So hopefully we won't see any bad side effects. Knock on wood.

She is 94th% for weight and 57th% for height. Ooff. Big girl.

Dr. K said I should start giving her 1% milk instead of 2%. And go down to skim eventually. That seems so wrong. I grew up on whole milk. I now use 2% in my cereal and I don't usually drink milk. I do have skim in a latte though. Emma is tiny so she drinks 2%.

Alex gets home tonight. It's been a long 2 weeks. Between girl scouts, dance class, ski lesson, speech therapy, doctor appts., gymnastics, play dates, volunteering, birthday celebration at school, and all the regular house stuff, I am wiped out. I need a nap.

Nora's party is on Sat. and Emma and I go see Annie the play on Sun. and Alex and I get a night out Sun. Whoohoo.

Thanks for checking in


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Berthday

Emma made Alex and Nora a sign "Happy Berthday". What a nice big sister.

Tomorrow Nora is officially a big kid. 4! That's so old. I can't believe she is 4. She is absolutely awesome. She is such a happy, spirited, loving little person. Her teacher wrote me an email when Nora was out sick the other day. "Our class is certainly not the same without Nora- our very own ray of sunshine..." She is just like a ray of sunshine.

Mim and Grandfather bought her a Skuut for her birthday. She hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. She wants to put her feet up like on her trike. Hopefully she'll learn to balance and push with her feet at the same time. Emma is good at it!

We are having her party next weekend at The Little Gym. I don't think we'd get too many folks tomorrow since it's the Super Bowl. And Alex is in Germany. And Emma has ski lessons.

Keep checking in to see what Nora has in store for us this year! (hopefully using the potty)

Happy Birthday my amazing girl!