Saturday, April 25, 2009

long week

It's been a loooonnnnggg week. Alex is in China, he left Sat. am and gets back tomorrow am.

Nora and Emma both had dentist appointments. I don't know how we are ever going to get Nora to allow someone clean her teeth or fill a cavity. She freaked out when the dentist just looked at her teeth. They'll have to knock her out. She also had her hair cut last week-I had to hold her arms down and luckily the person doing it was fast so it wasn't too bad. She screamed bloody murder the whole 15 minutes. Fun times I tell ya.

I'm counting down the minutes until we go to Maui at the end of May. I can't wait. It will be our 1st family vacation. We've visited my family in NY lots and we've gone to the OR coast with another family but this is just the 4 of us.

That's all for now. I have a stinky diaper to change. (OH Nora peed in the potty at school 2 times so far!)

Thanks for checking in

Monday, April 6, 2009


First 2 wheel bike ride
Emma lost her 4th tooth!

We had a lot of together time this past week. Both girls had the week off for spring break. The weather was typical Seattle spring-rainy and cold. Until Sunday. Of course. It was a lot of time in the house trying to find things for the girls to do.

Emma doesn't really play all that much with Nora. She'll give it whirl for a minute or two but then moves on. When I got pregnant with Nora I was so excited that Emma would have a sibling to play with and they'd be best friends. 2 1/2 years apart was perfect. But Nora is still like a baby in most ways and Emma still has to play alone most of the time. Hopefully they'll grow closer as Nora develops and gets older. I am sure even if she was a typical child, they would still have their moments.

Emma lost her 4th tooth (all bottom) this weekend AND learned to ride with no training wheels. Very big girl stuff. She pulled it out (with my prodding) because is was just hanging there. Then she putzed around for about 20 minutes on her bike and then just took off with out ever falling, not once. I was so impressed. And sore. I was running next to her and now my muscles are sore. Very sad indeed. I am 38 after all (or will be in 5 days).

I have been swimming every week to try to get in shape. I guess I need to work on the running thing. I hate running. But we are going to Maui in May so I better get going. And my 20 yr high school reunion is this summer. I have lots of work ahead of me if I want to look like I did when I was 18-ha.

Nora went back to school on the bus today. She missed her friends. She loves to talk about them and name them all. She is really taking off with her vocab. She repeats most everything. And has lots of funny saying. Whenever she hands me something she'll say "Here ya go". Or if she does something like a puzzle piece or use her fork, she'll say "yay!". And if she talks about herself, she'll use Nora. Nora sit, Nora run etc. Very cute. She has started to have lots of separation anxiety when I bring her to the daycare at the Y. She hates it when I go. I hope this is temporary and just a developmental milestone that she is hitting late. She recovers quickly though.

Thanks for checking in