Thursday, February 24, 2011

party girl

Head first down the slide-totally against the rules!
Family photo-we all look a little greenish

Nora had a good birthday month. We had a family party, a school party, and a friend party. She LOVED her party at the YMCA with all her school buddies. Emma had fun too!

Alex is traveling a lot lately. Emma is doing great in school. Nora is staying busy with OT, speech, gymnastics and swim lessons on top of school.

I am trying to keep up with everyone! I had Lasik done on my eyes about a month ago and my left eye isn't healing properly. My vision is really blurry so they had to go in and scrape the lens. I think they'll have to do it again b/c it is still blurry. Such a bummer.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday girl

Here is Nora at her birthday celebration at school. She was sick with the flu on her actual birthday :( We'll have her friend party next week at the YMCA so she'll be able to run around and have lots of fun with all her friends.

Still looking at all the special ed programs around our area to see what her options are for Kindergarten. It is so over whelming and nerve wracking to think about change. More for me than her.

I'll post some pics after her party.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Almost 5

Seriously, in 5 days Nora will turn 5. How crazy is that?? She is such a happy girl. She really is. She is on the go from the minute she gets up until she falls asleep. She loves to play with her cars, read books, go to the park, go to school, play with friends, watch Tom and Jerry...

I am so happy that she is here and that we have her for our daughter. I just love her so much I want to squeeeeeeeeeezeee her all the time. She hates that. Sensory issues and all...

I'll post pics soon. I have been very lazy taking pics lately. Alex has been traveling and I've been single parenting.

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