Friday, February 27, 2009


My girls have the cheesiest cheeses ever. Nora looooves to say CHEEEEEEESSSSEEEEEE while taking pictures. Very funny but hard to catch.
So one week of preschool down. Nora is doing great. She is such a trooper. She goes in and acts like she's been in the class all year. There are a lot more transitions now than in ITP. She also has to sit for longer periods of time-up to 15 minutes of circle time. But so far so good.
There was no school yesterday actually because we had a dusting of snow. I can't get over how many snow days we've had this year.
Emma started up swim lessons again yesterday. Alex is home for a week and then has to go to CO for a few days. But it has been so nice to have 2 parents in the house for a bit. Single moms, (and dads) give yourself a huge pat on the back.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Homeward bound

We have been in Albany NY since Feb. 11th and will be heading home tomorrow. Emma and Nora have had a blast with Mim and Grandfather (who are both on the mend). Not to mention the cousins and aunt and uncle. And all of our friends who we got to spend time with. But we haven't seen Alex since Feb. 7 so we are ready to go home.

Nora starts preschool in her new classroom at the EEU on Monday. I am so happy that she (we) get to stay in our school. It is so important to us. Nora has been talking up a storm while in NY. SO many new words I can't even count. Very exciting.

We went to go see Elmo Live and Nora sat in her chair or on my lap for the whole hour and half!!!! Huge. She loved it and was clapping and watching the whole time. So awesome. She doesn't even watch TV for more than 2 minutes.

Now we have a 6 hour plane ride back to Seattle so I hope she sits nice for that!

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today Nora is 3!!! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last day of toddler class

toddlers doing yoga
Walking down the hall

OT/PT Christy

Emma and Nora

Birthday crown
Today was the last day of Nora's toddler class. She wasn't too keen on the crown or the birthday song.
But great news-- she got into a preschool at the EEU so we don't have to move to a different school!!! I am so relieved. It means so much to us to have the support of the parents and staff there. I couldn't be happier!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Birthday girl and dad

Today is Alex's birthday. Happy Birthday! We celebrated Nora's party today because Alex will be out of town this week and next week. But then he'll be done for a while.

We had 15 of Nora's friends at Gymboree for some fun. It was great. There were kids with special needs and typical kids. Lots of friends from school and our family friends. Everyone had a great time. Nora was not into the organized activities such as the musical instruments and circle time. She just liked to run around and explore. Emma loved it too. It is so nice to not have to worry about Nora's safety at a party. Usually we are running after her to make sure she stays in the space or doesn't climb on something too big etc. Today was very enjoyable for the kids and parents.

I had Nora's IEP meeting last week. We are slotted to go to another preschool in our neighborhood but we're still hoping they'll let us stay where we are. I just can't imagine not being at the EEU. It is such a wonderful place for the children and the families. Alex and I went yesterday to help tear down the old playground. I actually stuffed envelopes for the auction. They are getting new play equipment.
So if we do have to leave, Thursday will be our last day. Sad sad sad.
Nora turns 3 on the 7th. Unbelievable. It's been a LOOONNNGGG two years from when we realized there was something not quite right. She's come a long way. Hooray for Norsie.
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