Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yo Gabs

Monkey slipper socks from Mim

Nora LOVED Yo Gabba Gabba. We had kinda crappy seats but she still danced and wiggled and clapped and sang her little heart out. I think her fave was when they dropped a million balloons from the ceiling and we went and got one. She still has it. She pretends it is a baby and rocks it or has it talk to her (it has a face on it). She is so stinkin' cute.

We have to start looking for kindergarten classes for her. Yow. I am not looking forward to it. The EEU has a K that she may be able to get into but there are limited spots. The Seattle spec. ed. has started integrating all the sp. ed. kids into their home school regular classes with resource room pull outs. Umm yeah, don't think that will work for her. They also have self contained classrooms dispersed throughout the district. It is so hard to know what will be the best place for Nora. I want her to be in pre school at the EEU forever or stay there until graduation.

Alex has been gone since Friday and comes back Sun. Actually hasn't been that bad b/c we've been super busy and Grandma has been helping out every day!

Then on Monday Mim and Grandfather come for Thanksgiving!!! hooray!!!

We can't wait.

Hope you all have a fab turkey day.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Cowgirl and Ron Burgandy

Fun times had by all. Hope your Halloween was bountiful! Thank goodness Emma's school collects "extra" candy to donate to the troops! We had a lot! And we had no rain for trick or treatin!

Thanks for checking in