Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall 2011

Getting off at school
Waiting for the bus

Holy moly, it's been a long time since I've blogged.

Nora has started kindergarten at a public school, in a self contained program. There are 7 kids (she's the only girl) and 3 teachers. Her teachers are great and are really interactive and supportive. She is doing great although I have only been in twice to observe for myself. I get daily reports sent home and she seems to be loving everything. Nora is still working on "staying with her group" at lunch, walking in the halls, on the playground, etc. But is getting better at listening, I hope. The bus comes at 8:55 and she gets dropped off at 4:25ish. It's a LONG day for the girl.

We don't seem to have time for outside therapies right now. We haven't been to the OT or speech since mid summer. I am not sure how we are going to fit it into our schedule. She does receive services through school but I am not sure how or when yet. I think the SLP comes into the class to work with the kids and the OT may go to PE with them. They are still working out the kinks. Nora also should be going into the general ed K for some social time with her peers but that is still in the works. It is so hard to sit and wait for all of these things to happen. It has been 3 weeks so far.

I did sign Nora up for swim lessons on Sundays. She is not the best student. She just wants to be able to splash around and swim her own way. (vertically) She usually just screams and tries to get away from her instructor. She hopped out of the pool last Sunday, her instructor was in the shallow end, and she RAN to the deep end, looked around at all of us who were screaming "Stop, NO NORA, Stop! etc" and went ahead and jumped right in. The lifeguards and the instructor and I were all there within seconds so I wasn't worried about her drowning. But seriously, she is so naughty. Then, when she gets in trouble she puts herself in time out. She walks calmly to the spot then puts her head down and sobs (usually fake). But she doesn't really get any learning out of the whole T.O. thing.

I am getting used to being home without the kids all day. A whole 6 hours! Ollie has been enjoying his walks.

Well, hopefully I will be better about updating. Probably not. Thanks for checking in!