Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun in the sun

Seattle in the background

Mt. Rainier National Park
On Saturday we drove to Mt. Rainier. It was a long drive but the girls did great. Aunt Kim is visiting from L.A. so we decided to get back to nature. We took a small "hike"-about a mile or so. It would have been super easy with out all the snow on the trail! Nora wasn't a big fan of falling in the snow. She almost made it without a meltdown. We gave her a "piggybank" ride for the last few minutes.

Yesterday we went to brunch and walked along the water. It was so nice out. The girls went back to camp today. Last week of free time for me! We leave for NY on the 11th. I am flying solo so hopefully we won't have any major delays or mishaps. As long as we have the dvd players and Nora's i Touch, we're all set. I would love to get the i Pad but I don't think that is going to happen soon.

I brought Nora to the dentist last week about her teeth falling out of her head like crazy- 3 teeth in 5 days really freaked me out. Apparently she is just an early tooth loser-everything looks good. So hopefully when she gets her permanent teeth, she'll get out of the habit of grinding.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Emma w/out her 2 front teeth.

Nora w/out 2 alternating bottom teeth. Looks lovely.

** Sun. 7/18- She has now lost 2 more in the last 2 days-a top front and the one in the middle on the bottom. I am starting to get a bit freaked out. She'll be seeing the dentist and/or the doctor tomorrow morning! This isn't normal, is it??????

So Nora lost ANOTHER tooth yesterday. She's lost 2 so far. The first one we aren't sure how it got bumped out but she was in the pool yesterday and knocked her mouth on the side. She didn't cry but a bit later I noticed some blood and her tooth was gone.

Her top 2 front teeth are pretty loose, not falling out loose but I can wiggle them. And her 4 bottom teeth have been loose too and now she's down to to 2. She has ground them down to tiny nubbs. I am sure she'll lose one more soon b/c now she's constantly grinding. It sounds quite lovely to the ears by the way. She's been grinding her teeth since she was probably 10 mos. She got her first tooth at 4 mos. so maybe it's not too uncommon to lose her teeth so early. I guess at 4 1/2 kids can start losing teeth, right? She's due to see the dentist in Aug. I guess we'll see what's going on then.

Emma on the other hand just had another visit from the tooth fairy (although she's not REALLY sure if the TF is real or not). She's almost 7 and has lost 6 teeth so far. 4 bottom and 2 top. She's only gotten 2 bottom in so she thays her esthes tho thilly.

Other than teeth trauma not much to report. We are still working on pooping in the potty. Seems to be quite scary for Nora. She's ok peeing but poop is a challenge. She screams and cries and refuses to even try. Hopefully she'll figure it out. I am all about done with diapers. 7 years straight. I need a break!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's finally summer in Seattle. We went to the zoo a few weeks ago and the girls got to feed a giraffe. It was really cool. Nora giggled the whole time except when she tried to climb over the barrier and the guy made her stay on this side of it. She was a bit miffed. Emma did her animal report on giraffes so she really thought it was fun to see his long tongue. While we were at the zoo having lunch, Nora took a 15 minute walk without me knowing where she was.(along with 4 other adults) She's sneaky that way. She decided to tour around for a while as I frantically looked for her at the penguin exhibit, the exit and the gift shop. She was at the carousel checking things out. Not worried a bit that she was "lost". FUN times I tell ya.

Camp started this week at Nora's school. Thank goodness. I was going a bit batty there for a while with all the unstructured time on our hands. We (I) don't do well without a schedule and planned activities. There is a lot of whining and crying and complaining that we are bored (by all 3 of us!). Nora qualified for Extended School Year due to potty training and social skills. Emma and Nora both get to go and the bus picks them up at our house! Yay!!!!!!! Nora is doing well with the potty training. She still wont' poop on the potty. The other day she was naked (surprise) in the back yard and came in telling me there was poop on the grass. Sure enough, she'd pooped in the grass just like ollie. nice .

It is supposed to get into the 90's today. Seattle isn't set up for hot weather. No one has AC and/or pools. We'll have to get the sprinkler out and stay cool in the backyard.

Alex and I celebrated our 8th anniversary last night and went out for a wonderful dinner with our good friends. It was lovely. Seems like we've been married a whole lot longer than 8 years. We've been together for 15 years so that could be why.

We put a new navigation system and back up camera in my swagger wagon so I don't run anyone over. It could happen.

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