Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last day

Today was Emma's and Nora's last day of school. Emma for the summer, Nora until July 7th and then she'll keep going regular schedule for the summer session. Emma will be in kindergarten in the fall . Big big girl.

Today was also our last official playgroup/mom's group get together. We've all been meeting every Thursday for the last almost 5 year!!!! There were 7 families here tonight. The big kids are huge and the little kids are big!!! It was an end of an era. I am sure we will still get together, just not on a schedule. This summer will be busy for all of us. Then kindergarten for most. We've lost 2 members-Jodi and Lauren (and Emily) to London and Janet and Reece (and Finn) to Bellingham.

Thanks to all the moms and kiddos (dads too ) for the wonderful times and memories!!

Thanks for checking in

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