Sunday, September 14, 2008


Nora is such a stinker. I'll say no no Nora when she climbs on the table, I'll say no no Nora when she tries to sticks her hand in the toilet, I'll say no no Nora when she grabs the mouse when I am on the computer etc. etc. Now, every time she goes to do one of the forbidden activities, she'll say newoo newoo (no no) and then do it anyway. So much for no no.

And everyone is Emma. She'll see a girl at the park and exclaim EMMA! She'll she herself in the mirror and exclaim EMMA! She'll see the mailman and exclaim EMMA!

And everything is BA. Her cup is BA. A book is BA. Ollie is BA. Everything but Elmo. and Emma.

Alex has been in China since Mon. and gets back tomorrow. Yeah! The drywall guys start on the basement tomorrow. Yeah!!! And Nora starts school again tomorrow-yeah!!!

Gretchen and I have been ignoring our children while playing Rock Band on Wii. I highly recommend it. (I'm like Eric Clapton on the guitar by the way) Addicting and fun.

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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

The "no no" story so reminds me of Sophie. I try to ignore Sophie when playing Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii but she seems to always step in and mess me up...especially when I get on a roll :0 I'll definitely have to check out Rock Bank.