Friday, February 27, 2009


My girls have the cheesiest cheeses ever. Nora looooves to say CHEEEEEEESSSSEEEEEE while taking pictures. Very funny but hard to catch.
So one week of preschool down. Nora is doing great. She is such a trooper. She goes in and acts like she's been in the class all year. There are a lot more transitions now than in ITP. She also has to sit for longer periods of time-up to 15 minutes of circle time. But so far so good.
There was no school yesterday actually because we had a dusting of snow. I can't get over how many snow days we've had this year.
Emma started up swim lessons again yesterday. Alex is home for a week and then has to go to CO for a few days. But it has been so nice to have 2 parents in the house for a bit. Single moms, (and dads) give yourself a huge pat on the back.
Thanks for checking in.

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