Sunday, June 21, 2009


Nora grinds her teeth. She has always done it. It used to be worse. It would just make my skin crawl. She is actually on my lap as I type watching you tube videos. And grinding. Just barely but still grinding. She doesn't realize she's doing it I don't think. I tell her to stop "Nora no teeth grinding!" and she'll say "No teef!!!" and stop for 2 seconds. Emma has lost her 4 bottom teeth already and will be 6 in Aug. I hope Nora loses her little stubby teeth sooner than later. They look so tiny. She got teeth early. Her bottom 2 by 4 months old. So maybe she'll take better care of her big teef.

Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there.... Alex, Frank, Joel, Mark, Zeth, Marc, Brandon, Matt, Christian, Kenneth , Bill and all the special dads that I know and only read about. There are a lot out there.

Thanks for checking in

PS I got my i phone Finally and can't stop playing with all my fun apps. Emma and Nora especially like the whoopie cushion....

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