Monday, December 7, 2009

Singing and etc.

We have been doing a lot singing lately. We have every Hallmark singing snowman (thanks Mim) and Nora likes to play them all at the same time. Music to the ears I tell ya. But we are playing a lot of holiday songs and singing all day long. We have the tree and lights up. I can't get Nora to stand still for a second with Emma to take any pictures. She hates having her photo taken because she likes to play with the camera so she freaks every time I get it out.

There is a house near us that has a fabulous light show. You can tune your car radio to get the music and watch the lights as they play along. Nora and Emma really liked it. We may have to go back to see it again. Someone had a lot of time on their hands. I can barely make dinner these days.

Alex had sales meetings all last week and this weekend so I was solo 24/7 (even though he was in Seattle, we barely saw him). Hopefully this week will be easier- although our week is chock full of nuts. Girl scouts, recess duty, ballet, dentist appt., doctor appt., teacher appreciation baking, book club, cookie baking, cookie exchange, volunteering, xmas party, speech therapy, the list goes on and on. And on. I should really do some Christmas shopping in there and maybe vacuum a bit. Oy vey.

Thanks for checking in.

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mombipolar613 said...

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