Friday, June 11, 2010

Bison and potty

Last weekend we actually saw some sunshine. It has been a very rainy spring here in the NW. We took a drive to the NW Trek to see some cool animals. They have a trolley you can ride on and the animals are all free range around you. We saw bison, elk, mtn. goats, deer, swans, ducks and a few more I can't remember. Nora did ok on the hour long ride. She was somewhat interested but then wanted to play w/ my i phone. Oh well. At least no meltdowns.

We also strolled around to check out the other exhibits. We saw coyotes, wolves, bears, cougars, lynx, foxes, eagles, owls, and Emma's favorite, a chipmunk. It was a fun family day for sure.

Nora has been doing great on the potty lately. She stays dry at school (but her awesome teachers take her frequently during school hours.) I, on the other hand, tend to forget so she has accidents galore here but she is learning. She will use the potty if we remember to actually have her go. She could care less about the m&m's that I have been using as a reward. She just likes to cheer and flush. So hopefully diapers will be done by the end of summer??? Positive thinking.

Emma finishes 1st grade and is going to be in 2nd grade!!!! Nora has 1 more year of preschool then Kindergarten. Time flies. Our summer starts next Wed. Yikes. They are both going to go to the camp at the EEU in July. Nora qualified for summer school b/c of potty training. Yay! So she gets to have busing provided and Emma can hop along with her. Emma is doing one other camp and some swim lessons. Then we will be in NY for 2 weeks, Emma turns 7, and hopefully I will be able to keep everyone entertained with out school to give me a bit of a break. I could never home school. It would drive me batty.

That's all that is going on around here.

Congrats to my nephew Michael for graduation college this weekend from Ohio State. He was born as I was starting college. Crazy! Seems like yesterday.


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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Potty trained by the end of the summer...that sounds so nice. I'll have my fingers crossed for you.

Sophie, on the other hand, has given up on it. But maybe I'll try again this summer.