Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun in the sun

Seattle in the background

Mt. Rainier National Park
On Saturday we drove to Mt. Rainier. It was a long drive but the girls did great. Aunt Kim is visiting from L.A. so we decided to get back to nature. We took a small "hike"-about a mile or so. It would have been super easy with out all the snow on the trail! Nora wasn't a big fan of falling in the snow. She almost made it without a meltdown. We gave her a "piggybank" ride for the last few minutes.

Yesterday we went to brunch and walked along the water. It was so nice out. The girls went back to camp today. Last week of free time for me! We leave for NY on the 11th. I am flying solo so hopefully we won't have any major delays or mishaps. As long as we have the dvd players and Nora's i Touch, we're all set. I would love to get the i Pad but I don't think that is going to happen soon.

I brought Nora to the dentist last week about her teeth falling out of her head like crazy- 3 teeth in 5 days really freaked me out. Apparently she is just an early tooth loser-everything looks good. So hopefully when she gets her permanent teeth, she'll get out of the habit of grinding.

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