Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's been a while. Nora has been busy traveling. We went to the Turks and Caicos Islands for x-mas with my family. It was amazing. The weather was great, the house beautiful and the ocean warm. Nora had a blast (Emma too) with her cousins and Unker Mark. Mim and Grandfather were there too of course. She only fell in the pool once and learned her lesson. She loved swimming every day. (bathing suit optional)

Our vacation had to end and of course we got stuck in the east coast blizzard in Charlotte overnite. The Holiday Inn was not as nice as our house in TCI. So we got home a day late and celebrated x-mas w/ Alex's mom, dad and sister here in Seattle.

Tuesday was another long day. We were supposed to be at Children's Hospital at 9:30 to start her procedure (and we were on time for a change!) but the dentist was running late so we were stuck waiting until 1:00!!! and no food or drink at all since 6:30 am. Fun stuff.

Nora had been scheduled to go under general anesthesia to have some fillings put in her teeth. She would never sit for an exam let alone drills and such. So... they were planning on putting crowns on her 4 top molars anyway, but ended up ...

pulling one tooth, capping 4 molars, filling 3 other cavities, and doing 2 mini root canals on 2 of the molars. So poor girl was not happy when she woke up.

She seems to be doing better now. Hopefully now that we are able to brush her teeth with minimum effort (we used to hold her down by laying on her and cranking her mouth open) she'll keep her teeth cavity free so we won't have to do this every 6 months!

ANYWAY, here's to a happy and healthy and tooth decay free new year~

Love Nora and Lori

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Happy New Year!!!