Thursday, July 18, 2013

Can't catch a freakin break

SO the new fun news in our lives is Nora has early onset puberty.  Great.  Just what the poor girl needs.  She's 7 1/2 and has the left hand bones of an 11 year old.  (that is how they determine precocious puberty-that and the appearance of pubic hair).  Wonderful.  Not only will she have to live her life being behind her peers in every other which way, oh no, she gets to be in front of the line on BO, getting her period, body hair, shaving, acne,etc..

The good news is there is treatment.  We just don't know what is causing it yet.  Could be thyroid.  Or maybe,  the pituitary gland.  Ya think having brain malformations( arachnoid cysts and agenesis of the corpus callosum) would clue the doctors, and there have been many, that maybe she could go into puberty early.  If you google ACC not much out there regarding puberty but if you google them together, well you get shitloads of info.

I am still pissed off and trying to process this (our appt. was yesterday at 4).  She had some blood work done, which we had to be admitted into the hospital for b/c she is like a bucking bronco getting shots etc.  They had to give her nitrous gas, which made her MAD at first but then giggly and a bit loopy.  Kinda like I was at the Dead show in Buffalo in '93.  That stuff is crazy.

I guess we had a few good months of non drama.   What's one more shit pile on my plate? 

Anyway,  just had to vent to the blogiverse. 


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