Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer's almost over!

We went to the wading pool today. It may be one of the last days of summer for us. Emma starts school on Wednesday! 9-noon, 5 days a week! Big girl. They teach French and sign language! It's our first experience with Montessori. Should be great.

Nora starts school 9/17. It is going to be a busy year I think. Hopefully Nora will continue to make progress and start catching up to her age level. Still no signs of talking but she is interacting so much more that I hope with all her therapies, we'll at least get some sort of communication soon (sign language maybe).

All is well with Nora's medication. We are slowly increasing her new med (Lamictal) and will be lowering the old one(Zonegran) in Oct.

Luckily, Nora is done with ACTH. Apparently, the drug co. that makes the steroid that got rid of Nora's Infantile Spasms is now increasing the cost from about $900.00 per vial, to $10,000 per vial. It seems a bit crazy I know. Nora's whole prescription cost about $10,000. IF she would need to have it again, it would possibly be $100,000. NUTS! Read the following article and see for yourself....

I don't know how kids with IS are going to get the treatment that may rid them of the seizures.

Well, thanks for checking in!


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