Thursday, September 6, 2007

All pooped out

Poor Nora. She has had a bad case of the poops and now has a nasty diaper rash. We went to the doctor last night to get some "miracle cream" but it won't be ready until tomorrow. Poor girl can't even sit it hurts so much. She's got a very sensitive bottom. I was mainly concerned because her new medication, Lamictal, may cause a serious rash. But this is only in the diaper area and not spreading anywhere else. Phew. We are still increasing her dose every other week so hopefully this rash will go away once her tummy is back to normal.

We also went to a vision therapist today to make sure she is tracking with her eyes and to see if she needed therapy. She is making better eye contact now which is great. Her right eye is weaker than the left which makes sense. She favors her left side for everything-she is left handed and always steps w/her left foot first. This is because her biggest cyst is in the left side of her brain which affects her right side. Very interesting stuff.

Emma started Montessori School yesterday. She will be in school M-F 9:00-1200. We think she liked it. She wouldn't really tell us much of what she did. This is so opposite from the last 2 years. I worked in her class once a week at the co-op so I knew all the kids, parents and teachers. Now I am just a mom. And I don't even walk her into school, we drop them off and pick them up at the playground and the staff take them in and out of the car for you. Drive-thru school!!!!

Nora starts Sept. 17th. She goes M-Th for 2 hours a day. I will be a very busy chauffeur for the next 9 months. Hopefully that will be all we need to do for Nora, no extra therapies or anything. She really is developing and making wonderful progress. I know she is still pretty far behind in speech development but hopefully that will also come as easily as the physical side.

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