Saturday, November 10, 2007

The clapper

Nora learned how to clap yesterday!!!!! It sounds like a small thing but it is a HUGE accomplishment for her. AND she copies us if we clap. That is enormous!!!!!!!! We are all so excited and jumping and cheering for her!!!! It gives us hope that she'll learn more involved communication. We are working on some signs so she can let us know what she wants. Milk, all done, and more. And we need to get her little chubby finger to learn how to point. Then at least she can point to what she wants. She is doing great in school and learning new skill all the time.

We are having her evaluated at the UW Autism Center in December so we'll hopefully get more information on how to teach her new skills. If she is diagnosed w/autism, she'll also qualify through the school district for more service than if she is just "developmentally delayed".

Alex and I went to an auction last night for Outdoors For All which is an organization that helps "disabled" kids and adults get out and experience the snow, biking, water, etc. K2 was a big sponsor and helped raise over $500,000! It was very heartwarming to see so many donors. I hope we can get K2 to donate some snowboards/skis to Nora's school's auction in the spring. It was fun to do something a little different.

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