Sunday, November 18, 2007

fun weekend

Nora has been having such a good week. She is doing very well in school, happy and progressing nicely. She's been clap happy and saying "B" sounds and "Ga" sounds a lot. She'll also make an "M" sound sometimes too. Now we just need her to start pointing or using signs so we can get some communication happening.

We went to the GI doctor the other day and learned that there is nothing wrong with her system -most likely- and have to wait it out. Although they didn't really do anything while we were there, just looked at the tests we had already had done. Grr... so frustrating. There are still some blood test to do to see if it's an allergy or something but that's probably not the issue. SO we just have to deal with mushy diapers.

We are going to start her on Lamictal again tomorrow so hopefully she won't get diarrhea again. If she does then we will probably have to try a different anti seizure med. The Zonegran has been keeping seizures away but it delays her cognitive development & we want her off asap. So it takes about 8 weeks to get her to a high enough dose of the Lamictal. Then we can wean from the Zonegran.

Emma is going on a field trip to the fire dept. near her school tomorrow. We went to the Children's museum today and the girls had a lot of fun.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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Laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, too!