Friday, January 18, 2008

Doctors, doctors and more doctors

Crazy week.

Last Friday, we went to the neurologist for a check up. Nothing new to share. No one can really predict how Nora will develop. Just keep on doing what we are doing.... Nora is almost up to the full amount of Lamictal (70 mg/day) and we can start weaning her off the Zonegran next week! Hopefully that will help with cognitive development. Who knows though.

Emma started having a rash on her torso on Sat. and by Monday it was all over her body. We went to the doctor to have them tell us what it was. They didn't know. It wasn't strep, roseiola, scarlet fever, mumps, measles or chicken pox. Probably a viral infection. So she was itchy and rashy all week. It is finally drying out and feeling a bit better.

Tuesday, I had to have a crown put on a molar and get a filling to boot. It actually wasn't that horrible. Too many Pepsi's when I was little.

Wednesday I met with a perspective speech therapist for Nora (who doesn't do toddlers). So the search goes on.

Today, we go see the GI doctor to see if we can figure out why Nora has had diarrhea since Sept. Poor girl has a diaper rash almost always.

Thank god for insurance. We probably see at least 1 doctor a week and have for the last year. Maybe I should go to medical school....

Have a good weekend.


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The Wilsons said...

Keep at it kiddo, Nora's the bestest and she'll keep on improving. Not to mention she's just a cute little girl to have around.