Friday, February 1, 2008

Bad blogger

I am such a bad blogger. It's already February (and Alex's bday today).

Nora is doing well. She is almost all the way up to her highest dose of Lamictal, about 1 more week, and she'll be off Zonegran in 2 weeks. So far, no changes, good or bad. She turns 2 in a week(the 7th). What a crazy year it has been. She is such a different little person than she was a year ago. Even 3 months ago. She is changing everyday and is doing so many new things. She is still very delayed in speech but hopefully we'll see some communcation in the next year. She is busy as ever, 4 days of school, Speech Therapy on Tues., very busy always. She will be having her party next Sat. on the 9th.

Mim is coming to visit on Monday so she'll be here for the party. Alex has been in Vegas since Mon. and gets back late tonight. He then goes to VT for 4 days on Mon. So it will be nice to have Mim here to help.

Emma had some crazy rash all over her body a few weeks ago. It got pretty itchy and was really bad on her scalp. It went away after a week and 1/2 but then her scalp started peeling and flaking. Eww. Crazy dandruff girl. Well last night while I was combing her hair after her bath, her hair was coming out. Not a whole handful but enough to get me worried. She'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow.

So- hopefully I'll write more this month. Thanks for stopping in.


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