Saturday, February 16, 2008

MRI etc.

Nora had an MRI, Baer hearing test and an endoscopy yesterday. It all went well, just long. She had to be put under anesthesia and was having her enoscopy, so couldn't eat anything from 5 pm on Thurs. and no liquids after 8 am on Fri. And our appt. was at 12:30 pm on Friday. SO needless to say, Nora was a hungry, thirsty girl by 2:00 when they finally came to bring her to the OR room. She was a trooper. She only cried for a bit then took a nap on my lap for an hour then we roamed the halls until it was time. Good girl.

So her hearing is normal, which we knew already but had to have medical confirmation. Her stomach and intestines looked normal so they don't think it is Silliac or any other allergy that is causing her diarrhea. We'll know for sure from the biopsy. It most likely is "Toddler Diarrhea Syndrome". Yeah right. Apparently she'll grow out of it by the time she's 4. Great. And we won't know the results from her MRI until Wed. when I meet with the nuerosurgeon.

Overall, it went well. She came out of the anesthsia fine and ate a good dinner and had a good night's sleep. So, hopefully no more doctor's visits for a while.

Thanks for checking in.

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