Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back from vacation

We had a great trip to Seaside, OR last Wed.-Sun. Even 2 sick girls didn't stop us from having fun at the beach. On the 4.5 hours down, Emma didn't feel so hot and about half hour left of the trip, she threw up. Luckily she made it into a bag. She had 103* temp. Poor girl. She had a fever and the pukes on and off for the first 2 days. But then she felt great and Nora started to feel very hot. So she was up and down with a 103* temp for the last 2 days. Luckily she didn't have any night terrors while we were there.

She saved up for the night we got home. She had a short nap on the way home in the car and was exhausted. She went to bed for about an hour and then was screaming non stop for about an hour. I was about to go to the ER thinking it was an ear infection or something. But she calmed down and played for a bit. Then slept the rest of the night.

By Monday am she seemed fine and no fever so I took her to school and made a dr. appt. for later that morning. Turns out she has tons of sores all in her mouth and throat. They thought it might be hand and mouth disease but it's probably just viral. Nothing to do for it but wait it out. She's been fine ever since. She went to speech and school yesterday on no nap and was fine. SO..... all's well that ends well.

School is going well. She is in class with the group of peers and one or two other special needs kids on M/W. T/Th she gets ABA therapy. All of the kids in her group have some level of autism. She is just lucky and gets extra time because I pushed for it. When she turns 3 she won't qualify for it anymore but it has really helped. We may have to find private therapy. I think some of the grad students from UW who work at her school may do it on the side.

Nora can do the movements to wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle. She can sign please, more, milk, all done. She can wave bye bye. I went to the Y yesterday and there was a women at the child care that I haven't' met yet. I briefly told her that Nora was delayed yada yada yada and went on my way. When I picked her up, she asked what Nora meant with her hands up in the air. I was like "It's the spider song, duh!" well not duh but come on, anyone can figure that out!!!! She's also been repeating some words-mama, dada (which is ga-ga for some reason, she can say the d sound), no-no, and Emma. But she doesn't really do any on her own except mElmo. She loves her Melmo.

Poor Emma, I didn't sign her up for camp this week b/c I thought she'd want a break but she just ends up tagging along with me. Next week she has 2 days of art camp and then she has zoo camp in Aug. We are having her 5th birthday party at the YMCA on the 9th. Then we are off to NY for 10 days to see all my peeps in Albany. Then Kindergarten starts. Yikes.

It was a long one and I have to get the girls fed and out the door in a half hour to get Nora to school. And shower. Hmmm...

Thanks for checking in

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