Monday, July 7, 2008

Change it up a bit

I am changing the format of Nora's blog just because I needed a change.

Nora started summer school today with a whole new group of kids. We switched days so she now goes M/W to class and T/Th to one on one. She did just fine. She's one of the big kids now. She is still the most needy kid in class as far as I can tell. It seems that 2 of the kids have a slight speech delay and one boy has autism but he can talk. I have a good group of parent friends from Nora's old class so it is a bit strange with all the new parents. I have to go over Nora's story with all the new people. Tiring.

I took Emma and Nora to the park and ran into one of the guys who works with Alex. I don't think Alex shares as much info as I do. So after chasing Nora as she escapes from my view into the street (for the 2nd time) while I was helping Emma go down the pole, I gave up and was packing it in. I then had to explain Nora's deal with Alex's friend who has a daughter 9 months older than Nora who is potty trained, sliding down with pole by herself (she's 3!) and talking up a storm.

It is so frustrating because when you look at Nora, she looks like a big girl (she and Emma weigh the same) but she is just a baby in a big body. She babbles and eats sand like a 1 year old. People see her at the store and talk to her and expect a response from such a big girl. She just does her itsy bitsy spider hands and wants you to sing for her. Or she grabs strangers legs at the park. She's very friendly for sure. Or we go to a party where not everyone there realizes her needs and knows to look out for her so we end up chasing her around the whole time instead of relaxing. I don't know what we are going to do this week when we go to the beach in Oregon. She just runs and runs and doesn't care if she goes into the street or water or in front of a bike. She's a walking collision waiting to happen. Should be interesting.

So when I figure out how to put photos into my actual post, hopefully there will be more changes to the blog.

Thanks for checking in


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Nora reminds me so much of Sophie. Sophie does not have any awareness of danger around her. Good in some sense, bad in others. She loves roller-coasters and will ride anything she is big enough fear. She doesn't know a stranger and actually tried to take a man's hand at a restaurant because she saw that he was walking out the door and she wanted to go outside. She'll jump into a pool without a second thought about how deep it is. I could go on and on. Good luck with your trip in Oregon.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

By the way, I just added your blog as a link on my blog page. Do you mind?