Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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We've been pretty boring around here lately. We had our house painted dark blue with white trim and a burgundy door. Looks so much cleaner than our old dirty gray. And our basement is ready for the floors to be done, tile and carpeting. Then we'll finish the bathroom and painting and we'll have a playroom!

Nora is doing great. She seems to be learning a new trick everyday. She is trying to say tree, (tt) cheese, (chzzz) and apple (a-ball). She started pointing at the lights. She has never pointed at anything before. She'll touch point to something but never anything far away and to get someone's attention. She also said NuNu for Nora. I sometimes call her Nunu booboo as a nickname and as she looked in the mirror I said Nunu and she repeated it. It sounds different from her no no-neownewo. She's a subtle one that girl.

I will have her first transition meeting (into the public school system) Oct. 21. I'll get to tour 3 other developmental preschools in our area as well as her school, the EEU. One of the preschools is in Emma's school. That is probably my 2nd choice, my 1st choice is to stay where she is. There is just so much more at the EEU than anywhere else, more resources, more parent support, more kid support, more classroom options. Oh I hope I hope I hope she gets to stay. If there isn't a space for her then she has to go somewhere else.

Emma is doing well too. I volunteered in her class today to help with an art project. There are 28 kids-17 boys. Yes 17 boys. That's a lot of boys . And Emma is the tiniest kid in the class. She apparently likes to chat with her neighbors. Her teacher says she is quite social. Hmmm....
Emma now wants to be Princess Leia from Star Wars. Not Dorothy for the Wiz of Oz. She was the witch last year. We let her watch Star Wars and she is now hooked.

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