Friday, October 17, 2008

Pre school stress

Hi- I have been stressing over what will happen to Nora in Feb. when she turns 3. Right now she is at a wonderful school, the EEU, in the birth to 3 program and we want her to stay there for preschool. BUT when she turns 3 the funding switches from state $ to school district $. Therefore she is part of the spec. ed prog. in the Seattle schools.

They decide where she goes for preschool. There are 3 developmental preschools in our area, one being at Alki where Emma is in Kindergarten. The others are a bit further. I went on tours of all 3 and they are good programs. Nora would do fine I am sure but it's just not the same.

The EEU is on the UW campus and is a teaching school but part of Seattle schools. They would have to pay to bus Nora to school. (I know, who puts a 3 yr. old on a bus?????) They try to put kids in programs as close to home as possible. But I want her to stay at the EEU for many reasons.
1) I think it is the best program for her,
2) we know all the staff (love them) and they know Nora (love her),
3) I have a huge support group of other parents and teachers
4) they have typical peers in the classes
5) they have a higher staff to student ratio and
6) it is a 5 day a week program.

We start the process next week to meet w/ the district and do testing etc etc. The biggest catch to all of this is if there is no space available in a preschool class at the EEU in Feb. then we go to the next school, Alki, and if there is no space there, to the next one etc etc. So it isn't really about what is best for Nora but if there is availability and transportation. And they said "You can always try to get back into the EEU next Fall". But of course I would probably not want Nora to have ANOTHER transition to a new school or something. Grrrrr.... I just want her to go to the EEU forever. Seriously, it is a huge building of love and goodness. Everyone knows us, Nora goes to the office secretary, Zee, every day as we leave and gives her a big hug. Some of her old grad student teachers are now teaching preschool so it would be just perfect.

Other than that, we have just been busy remodeling the basement, doing Kindergarten avctivities, getting ready for Mim and Grandfather to visit and Halloween.

Hope everyone is well.

Thanks for checking in

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