Friday, December 5, 2008

Music and stuff

Nora is starting to use pictures (PECS) to communicate. She has a group of songs she likes to sing and she'll find the picture of the song she wants and give it to us so we'll sing it for her. Wheels on the bus is the all time favorite. She is also using pictures a lot at school to follow a schedule or to tell the teachers what she wants. It is used a lot with kids who are non verbal.

She is starting to say more words, or sing words. We listen to a song that teaches letter sounds and she can sing the apple, baby, and elbow plus sounds. She is now using the word baby for her baby dolls too. So she learns a lot through music. I looked into a music therapy class for her. We'll see what her schedule is after she goes to preschool. Her OT also suggested hippotherapy but the only one in Seattle has a 2 year wait list.

On the preschool front, she got all her evals back and the district has all her info. She definitely qualifies for services. She is about 1 1/2 to 2 years behind in most areas. She understands more than she can say which is a good and her gross motor skills are good. It is a kick in the gut to find out how low she is but we see so much progress all the time. And she is not a very good test taker. She is very inconsistant and doesn't like to have to be directed for a long period of time. SO the results are a bit off I am sure.

We wrote a letter pleading her case to stay at her school (EEU) and not have to move. THe ball is now rolling. We should know by mid Jan where she will be placed. The program in Emma's school is full so if we don't get our 1st choice we won't even be able to get our 2nd choice either.

We just have to wait and see.

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