Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowdays and ER visit

So Nora has been fighting a bladder infection. On Wed. she had a 104.6 temp so we had to bring her to the ER b/c it was after 6 and her dr. was closed. After a catheter to get a urine sample and some fun waiting in a 4 x 4 room, we found out it was a bladder infection. And apparently, a 104.6 temp is not "unusual" for a toddler. I was afraid her brain was sizzling. So anyway, a big shot of antibiotics and we were on our way.

She seems to feel a lot better. Getting her to take her anti biotic is a struggle. We have to tie her down and practically funnel it in. But it seems to be doing the trick. She even had enough energy yesterday to go for a sledding session.

Speaking of snow, all last week, NO SCHOOL!!! What??? We had about an inch on the roads M & T so school was 2 hours late. Then the forecast was for snow on Wed. so they CANCELLED school the night before. Guess what, not a flake to be found and 35 degrees so the roads were bone dry. Nuts. Then Th & Fr it snowed so cancelled again. If we were in NY we wouldn't have even thought twice about it. Snowdays in NY had to be at least 12 inches of snow! Those were the good old days. So instead of a 2 week break, it was 3.

We go see Santa today and Emma will ask for all the things that I have no idea what she's talking about. Hopefully Santa will be able to bring at least one of her requests. Nora is easy. She just loves cars and babies right now. And she can say Baby! And she does a little rocking action when we sing rock a by baby and cuddles her doll. Very cute. She is also saying Ol-La for Ollie. It was Lala but she put in the Ol. Way to go Nora!

So only another month or so until we find out where she will be placed for preschool. Hopefully the EEU or Alki. I can't believe she's going to be 3 in Feb. Crazy couple of years.

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