Thursday, January 1, 2009

...and a happy new year!

2009 has been so far so good. All 10 hours of it. Emma's friend Jane slept over last night and we had dinner with our good friends-the Wilsons and the Brodersons. Fun was had by all and we rocked the house on Rockband. Feeling a bit woosey this morning but good none the less.

Nora is great. She can say cookie now. It sounds more like gook-EEEE. But she can say it and she gets a cookie every time. I am hoping the positive reinforcement will get her to say more words. Or maybe she's so stinkin cute I can't help but give her what she wants!

I am hoping to find out the scoop on her preschool placement next week. Who knows when we'll get any info. I am not so worried anymore as to where she'll go. I just want to get there and get her settled in. She'll only have a week of school before Feb. break so I may just wait and start after the break. Grr.....

Anyway, wishing everyone a happy, healthy and stress free year!


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