Saturday, January 17, 2009


Nora started saying Mommy, not just mama. Very cute. She is singing it right now to the tune of Baa baa blacksheep. Mommy mommy mommy mom... She can almost say Daddy. It sounds a bit like Gaggy. She has about 15 words that she can say and lots of other sounds or approximations for words. We are very hopeful that she will someday be able to put sentences together.

Alex is in Austria for a work trip until Tuesday. Then off to Vegas on the 26th. Then back for a few days then off to VT. Then home for one day and gone to Japan on the 7th (Nora's bday) until the 13th. SO I am flying solo for a while. I am taking the girls to Albany on the 11th until the 21st so if you are an upstate reader, maybe I'll see you!

Nora's birthday party is going to be on the 1st, which is also Alex's birthday. I invited some of her school friends and some of our playgroup pals. It is at the same place as last year and they have lots of fun things to climb, jump, slide and bounce on.

Still no word on whether or not we'll get to stay at the EEU. As of now, it looks like she'll be going to W. Seattle Elem. which is pretty close to our house. Emma's school, Alki, also has a preschool but they are full. I guess we'll have to try to get into the EEU or Alki in the fall. I am sad to leave all of our good friends. Nora has been there for 2 years. We really got lucky getting into the program when we did. Nora has made such amazing progress and loves to be there.

The results of her test came back negative to the kidney/bladder reflux that they were concerned about. But the urine test came back positive and she still has a urinary tract infection. This one is a different type than the 1st one she had. Another 10 days of antibiotics. Fun stuff. AND another catheter at the end to make sure it is gone. Grrrrr.

Thanks for checking in!
Hopefully I'll make it through the next 4 weeks without a nervous breakdown.


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