Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wowie Maui

Hi- we're back from our trip to Maui. The girls had so much fun. The beach, the pool, the aquarium, the pool, the luau, the pool, the ice cream, the yummy sushi, the parrots on heads, the pool. Did I mention the pool? Emma (and Nora too) did a lot of swimming. She is getting pretty good for a girl who can't touch in the shallow end. Alex and I were exhausted every night but tired and happy. The weather was awesome and who doesn't love the pool?

The EEU auction is this weekend so we are doing some volunteering to get set up for it. It is a huge event. Last year they made almost $600,000 and the year before that $720. K2 is a sponsor again this year. It should be a blast. And hopefully we'll get some fun stuff.

We started weaning Nora from her seizure medication (Lamictal). She was on 70mg/day and we've been decreasing 5 mg a week and is now on 55 mg/day. She seems to be tolerating it ok. Knock on wood. She is chatty kathy. Can't get her to stop! She just talks your ear off. She is super social too. She loves to greet anyone she comes in contact with. So hopefully her wonderful progress will continue.

Thanks for checking in! Aloha!

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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Looks like you all had a blast!!! It is so wonderful to read how well Nora is doing. I hope all goes well with the fundraiser this weekend.