Friday, May 1, 2009

May is here

Only 20 days until we go to Maui. SO excited. A very non exciting week around here. Alex got home Sun. and all is back to normal. Emma has running club today. She's getting ready for the Alki-a-thon in a few weeks. The kids get pledges to run laps to raise money for her school. We'll see how many laps she'll run. She's more of a slow poke than a sprinter. I can't believe she's almost done with Kindergarten.

Nora's school's auction is at the end of the month. It is an enormous event. Last year they raised over $600,000 and has made $750,000 in past years. It won't be as big this year due to downsizing the items and the economy. But it is a fun event and this year's theme is Mission Possible-spy stuff. What to wear?

I am worried about what to do with Nora this summer. Her school has a camp in July but we'll be travelling a lot that month (Seaside, OR and NY for my 20 yr reunion). But then in Aug? nada. She's too young and not potty trained for most camps and I wouldn't trust her to be in a typical camp setting. She's a handful to take to the beach/pool/park. Think 18 month old in a 3 year old's body. I have to be on top of her so she doesn't run away or get hurt. Emma has 1 camp scheduled in Aug. and hopefully some swim lessons. We'll have to get creative.

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