Tuesday, August 25, 2009

like a fish

Emma had a fun swim party on Sunday. Nora LOVES the water. She had a fit while we waited for our turn in the pool. She wanted in and wanted it now. She was able to stand in the shallow area and had so much fun. She puts her face in and holds her breath. It is time for swim lessons I think.

School starts on the 21st for Nora. She is ready for it and I am ready for it. It's been a fun summer but Nora has been lacking some structure. I am ready for her to keep moving on in development and she does so well in school. It is time for potty training (I hope). My back is killing me from lifting her to change her diaper. She's a big girl. And she still won't drink from an open cup or straw. Only her sippy cup. And not any sippy cup, just the playtex kind. So if I forget a cup, she won't drink. Hopefully Teacher Jessica can remedy that this year.

Emma starts a new school this year. After lots of debate, we are putting her into a private Catholic school. It has a great reputation and we think she'll do well. And the uniforms are so cute.

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The Wilsons said...

So sad we missed the birthday. Hope things are going well.