Sunday, August 9, 2009

All done with meds


Cousin Katie and Emma at the Saratoga children's museum
Emma and Brynna

Emma and Zoe

Nora and Grandfather

Mim and Nora

Today was Nora's last day of her seizure medication. 5 mg. of Lamictal. Now she is med free. Kinda scary. She's been on medication since April 25, 07 when she was put on ACTH and zonegran. And she's been seizure free since May 2, 07.

In the past 2 years she has learned to walk, run, talk, clap, wave, watch Elmo, say mommy, sleep in a bed, not need a car seat on a plane, go down stairs unassisted, feed herself with a fork, pretend, give kisses and hugs, say I love you, know her letters and sounds, read books and just be happy. She is such a happy little girl. She likes to go outside, run and play. Everyday is so much fun for her. We are so thankful.

We have been home from NY for a week. We jumped right back into it. Emma had swim lessons all week, Nora speech, I got ready to host a baby shower yesterday. Alex went back to work. And our computer was fixed finally. Still have some tinkering to do but it's up and running. Phew.

I will post more soon. Emma turns six on Friday! yikes

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