Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

It's been a busy few weeks. We went to upstate NY for Easter and Spring Break. I took the girls solo. Emma and Nora loved seeing the Pawlows Family. They played with their cousins Katie and Brynna as much as we could. Mim and Grandfather were tuckered out by the time we left. The travel wasn't as hard as some would think. The girls are really good on the plane. It's the layovers that get me. Nora is a runner and I have to be on her every second. As long as we had the iTouch and Yo Gabba Gabba episodes, we were fine.

When we got back we had a birthday dinner with the Draper grandparents for my birthday. Grandma found Brobee, Plex and Foofa online and Nora was so happy! She goes back to school on Mon after 2 weeks off. She is really talking so much. It's really unbelievable sometimes. She likes to ask people what their names are, what their favorite color is, and she asks everyone to tell her a story. Funny girl.

Thanks for checking in!

Happy Spring



Sophie's Story by Elaine said... are a brave mother to take your kids on a flight from coast to matter how great they may be.

By the way, how did the french toast waffles turn out?

Lori said...

you need to make them. They were really good. I love french toast and these were super easy and good. I would use challah bread next time.

Flying wasn't so bad, really. I don't think I could do it with 3...

If you ever feel like coming to Seattle let me know:)

baby trevor's mommy said...

Wow...two weeks of Spring Break?! Yikes a roni! :)

Glad you survived!


Hua said...


Nora sounds like a pleasure to be around. She has such an outgoing inquisitive nature.

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