Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!! Alex is out golfing in the rain with his father. He left at 6 am no less. Sounds like the last thing I would want to do on my day. Oh well.

So today is the 1st day in 53 days that Nora hasn't had to have an injection! Yippeee. Only 3 more to go. Mon, Wed, and Fri. Hopefully she won't need anymore. No more needles!!!!!!

Another night of interrupted sleep. Went to bed somewhat early, 10:30 and was woken up by one of Nora's toys left in our room that makes music -at midnight. I have no idea what made it go off. You have to push a button to make it play. Then at 2:30 I hear a big THUMP and Emma crying. She fell out of bed. And to round out the night, Nora is up at 5:15. It's no wonder I have huge bags under my eyes. And Alex asks me if I got on my treadmill- Uh no, I am napping when the girls are napping. Someday I'll use it. I swear.

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Carolann said...

Hi Lor - Thanks for sharing this. I have visited twice already. I'm so sorry we haven't connected in a long time. You've had a lot going on...Pease know I'm thinking about all of you and praying that Nora does great after stopping the medication. The pictures of Nora are beautiful. Hugs to everyone! Love and miss you -- Carolann, David, Zachary and Maya