Tuesday, June 19, 2007

OT/Speech therapy today

I took Nora to speech and OT today. She was making lots of noises and sounds and had good eye contact. In her evaluation a few weeks ago, they came to the conclusion she is at about a 3-6 month old level for communication. I think communication and social interactions are the main things she needs to work on for sure. Hopefully we'll learn how to get her to do these things.

The OT (occupational therapist) suggested doing brush therapy on her- every 2 hours. This is supposed to stimulate her nervous system. I have to do some more research. I put a link on the site. My take is that it can't hurt her development. I know a lot of kids with autism get this and Nora definitely has some sensory issues.

I then had to go get her b/p checked. It is still high but getting lower as the steroids leave her system. She'll have to be on all the meds except ACTH for at least another 3 months-Bactrim-an antibiotic, Zantac-for stomach, HCTZ for b/p, Zonegran for seizure control for at least 6 months and I'll have to check her urine and stools still. And still get her b/p checked 2x a week. That is the killer, hiking everyone to the dr's twice a week for a 10 minute b/p check. Can't wait until that's done.

Emma is at camp this week and Brynna and Mim are coming next week. Hooray. Hopefully the weather is good so we can do fun things outside. Nora will still have to have speech, her EEG and a dentist appt. (she grinds her teeth constantly).

Thanks for all your comments. I will try to put a video of Nora walking on somehow. I have to figure it out still.


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