Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Nora has a new "word" as of 3 days ago. Gaga! We haven't heard any consonant sounds until this. She is very vocal-we like to call her screamy mimi- but only yelling or vowel sounds. It is very encouraging that she is starting new sounds.

We saw an ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapist today to see if it might help Nora's development. I really liked the therapist but Nora is booked to the max right now with her school schedule, I don't know how we would fit in another thing. It may be something we will do in the future. We also have her meeting to update her goals at school tomorrow so we'll have a better idea of where she is developmentally. She is definitely making good progress.

We also had her poop analysed for lactose intolerance, which was negative. Hopefully we'll figure out what her poo problem is soon. If not, we'll have to go see a GI specialist. Grrr... another doctor to deal with.

We all enjoyed our visit from Mim. It went by way too fast. But we will be in NY for xmas!

Thanks for checking in.


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Laura said...

Love that pic of the girls holding hands - where Emma has the poncho on and Nora the pink overalls. Very Cute. Glad to hear things are going OK. Keep up the good work, Lori!