Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good week

Nora had a good week. She has been really happy and smiley lately. She is doing lots of "babbling" with her ga's. This is a good step in maybe hopefully someday saying words. She has been doing great at school and is starting to drink out of "regular" cups. She has a special cup that has a normal lip but the fluid comes out very slowly. She is starting to really move. Not quite running but speed walking for sure.

We went to Nora's school for an ice cream social last week and Alex and Emma got to see her school. One of Emma's friends from school had a Halloween party on Sun. that we went to. Emma is a witch and Nora is a monkey this year.

I took Nora to a developmental behavioral pediatrician yesterday. I was hoping to get some advice on whether or not to have her evaluated for autism. What I got out of the meeting was we can probably wait a few months and give her time to progress. She has changed so much in the last 6 months that who knows how she'll be at 2 1/2. We also might wait until after her next MRI which will be around her 2nd bday in Feb. SO, I guess we wait a bit.

Another positive from the meeting was that he was very thorough in his background questions and we discussed all her medical details and he took a lot of time to spend looking at her physically. And he confirmed that I have been doing all the right things so far in taking steps to get her the best therapies etc. Which is nice b/c it seems like we are on this crazy train by ourselves and no one out there is telling us which way to go.

Other than that, we have just been having fun with Emma and our friends today at Lauren's bday party. Emma has a field trip with her class to the pumpkin farm tomorrow. That should be fun.

Thanks for checking in!

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