Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home sweet home

Whew! We were very busy the past week. We left for NY last wed. morning. Right before we got into the car, Nora projectile vomited accross the kitchen floor. Nice. The flight was uneventful. No naps for Emma and Nora only fell asleep on me for the last hour.

The week flew by. We had tons of fun. The girls went sledding in all the snow, we played with our cousins Katie, Brynna and Michael. Emma loves loves loves her cousins and Nora loved the attention. Uncle Mark and Aunt Maura were also a big hit.

We also saw lots of friends. Alex got to go snowboarding with Lucious and Patrick one day. I got to see my friends Jen and Michelle and their kids. I met Isabelle who is just so sweet. Emma and Nora played with Tyler, Owen, Colin and Raine. We also went out for a lovely dinner with Loucious and Sam. And the girls played with Aidan and Marcus. Very busy busy busy.

Mim and Grandfather had lots of fun with the girls as well. We made lots of food and baked lots of goodies. Christmas morning was fun. Santa came and left footprints all over, ate his cookies, and left a ton of presents for us all! Unfortunately, Katie and Brynna had the flu x-mas eve and Mim got it x-mas night. But they are all feeling better now.

Nora didn't really get what was going on. Not too interested in the unwrapping of presents. She liked her new toys, all noisy and musical! She got a big piano that you walk on to make sounds which she likes and lots of toys with buttons to push and make sounds. I don't know if other almost 2 year olds would have been that more into in. Probably, I can't remember what Emma was like. But she was happy, giggly, and smiley the whole time so that is good. Everyone who hasn't seen her commented on her improvements since the last time. More eye contact, more sounds, better attention and more interaction. SO that is huge. She is making progress and developing, but very slowly. I just hope she'll be able to communicate at some point soon. I would love for Emma to play with Nora the way she plays with the other kids. Nora doesn't respond so Emma has just learned not to bother that much.

Anyway, we have a whole other Christmas to celebrate today with Aunt Kim, Grandma and Grandpa, now that we are back in Seattle. Emma woke up at 5:00 am and Nora at 5:30. It is 6:45 am right now and I am ready for a nap. Good thing I went to bed at 9:00 last night.

Hope you all had a great holiday.


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