Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sick, sicker and sickest

So we all have had the stomach flu in the last 72 hours. I had it, Nora had it and Alex has it. Emma is the only one who hasn't gotten it yet. Hopefully she won't. We fly to NY tomorrow and it won't be fun to have a 4 year old vomiting all over the place. Think healthy thoughts for us.

Nora had her autism evaluation yesterday. Poor girl wasn't feeling so hot but they had already cancelled 2 appts. on us, I wanted to get it done. She most likely won't be labeled "autistic" due to her "lovely eye contact". But she couldn't do any of the activities they wanted her to do (pretend play, ask for help, stack stuff) so hopefully we'll get some sort of suggestion that we haven't already tried. I am sure they'll say we need to have more speech therapy and OT. I just don't know how we'll fit it into our schedule. Nora is a busy busy toddler. Well, at least we are examining all the possibilities out there. We just won't know how she'll turn out until it happens. Very frustrating. I want to switch the fix button but unfortunately, I can't find it. We have to feel lucky for what she can do. And that she no longer is having seizures.

Have a lovely holiday. We are off to NY for the week.


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