Saturday, March 1, 2008


We went bowling last night with Lucas, Lisa and Tian. It was a challenge keeping Nora occupied. She just wanted to walk around which made it hard to watch Emma as well. At one point she got a bit ahead of me and went onto a lane. And I went after her and proceeded to fall flat on my back. They are slippery! So now I have a sore elbow, good thing it wasn't my bowling arm!

I had Nora's IFSP meeting on Thursday. That is the document where we put down the goals we want Nora to work on for the year. We had updated it in Oct. because she had completed all of her last year's goals and now we put some new ones in as well. She has been developing quite quickly which is good.

She still has trouble with attention. She won't do an activity for more than a few minutes at a time but she is getting better. And she is trying to verbalize with many sounds, they just don't mean anything yet. She needs to learn a way to ask for something, point, sign or say the word. She gets very frustrated and mad so she starts to tantrum until she gets what she wants.

I need to work on that at home because I usually just anticipate her needs and don't really make her ask for things. It is much easier for me but it is not good for her. Her motor skills are pretty good. She needs to work on going up and down stairs safely and learn how to use ride on toys and roll a ball. She also needs to use a spoon. She is starting to learn how to point if someone prompts her by touching her elbow. And maybe using some words???? Maybe more, go and uh-oh. She definitely understands more than I had really thought. The teachers asked me to write down all words she understands and responds to.

SO some more positive news for Nora but she still has a looooooong way to go.

Thanks for checking in

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Belle said...

Hello Lori,
Just thought I'd check in on you and the fam. It's great to hear that she's got a nice receptive vocabulary and that her expressive communication is coming along. She's so lucky to have you all as her family. Take care.