Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

So for the past 7 nights, I have been woken up at least once every night. Either Nora wakes up and putzes around for an hour or so, Emma wets the bed or is "scared" or Ollie starts whining to go out. Alex has been in Europe for work since Sunday and finally gets home tonight. I am exhausted. And I have been extra grumpy and have had no patience. Just ask Emma. And Ollie.

And I can't think of anything to make for dinner. That's so frustrating. I don't mind the cooking part, just the thinking of what to cook part. Grr...

Nora is doing great. She is always such a good girl. (except at 4 in the morning) She just keeps herself occupied and is always happy. School is going well, speech therapy is good and we've been doctor free for a few weeks now. She is scheduled to go in for her 2 yr. check up and get her over over due vaccinations but I am so reluctant to mess with her progress. If a vaccine has any chance of making her seizures come back or make her "autistic" characteristics any worse, I'll chance getting measles, mumps or rubella or pertussis. Really. I have no problem with that. All the doctors of course recommend vaccines but it really makes me nervous and I think a mother's intuition in best. I am just not ready and I think messing with Nora's progress is not the smartest move. So, we'll see. Maybe the chicken pox vaccine. I haven't heard any horrible side effects of that one. I am sure there are stories out there.

Well, thanks for checking in. Hopefully we'll be better rested when Alex gets home and I won't be such a grump.


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