Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break

So the girls are on spring break. I hope it doesn't rain the whole week! It snowed yesterday. Crazy. It may be a long long week inside.

Nora is changing so much every day. Her teachers comment on how much she is doing since the beginning of the year and even a few months ago. She is so much more animated and vocal. She'll let you know if she's mad. Still no words or signs. She can say a few animal sounds-a crow says caw caw, a sheep says baba, a duck, a dog, a lion. She knows when we say it's time to eat, milk, go upstairs, go out, kiss. She'll tap her head on command, clap, go get her baby and knows who Emma is. It is really amazing how much she understands us now.

Today I was holding her but not looking at her. She was making noise but I didn't turn to look so she grabbed my cheek and pulled my face to look at her, very intentionally. Pretty funny.

Emma has been a beasty girl lately. Not listening and defiant. SO we got a sticker chart to reward good behavior. She had a fit. She did NOT want a chart for some reason. There was no convincing her that it was a POSITIVE thing. So we'll see if this helps. If not it really will be a long spring break with no school! Yikes.


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