Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Nora found her shadow the other day. Very cute. I can't remember when Emma did that, around 1 or so? But I was pretty impressed. And I was Q-tipping her ears the other day, and she had one too. She tried to stick it in her ear. I thought that was pretty cool too. And she holds hands with people now. She used to just pull away but now she actually holds on. Big girl.

Emma's recital is coming up. Lots of dress rehearsals and photo shoots. Very professional. And she's 4. Crazy. She's also taking swim lessons. We have a fun summer coming up. Can't wait until the warm weather gets here and stays.

Both girls love to be outside. Nora has a fit if you make her come in. She romps around and rides her toys and goes down the slide and likes to swing. And play with balls. She's getting good at rolling and throwing them. But she really loves her Boobah. Creepy old Boobah.

Thanks for checking in.


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