Sunday, May 25, 2008

Signs of things to come

Nora has learned 2 signs-for all done and more. We have been using signs with her since she was born. Emma was such a great signer at a pretty early age, we just automatically did it with Nora. BUT we haven't had any positive feedback so we have gotten a bit lazy. They do them at school but we haven't seen any progress.

So Nora decides to learn "more" pretty much without us realizing it. All of a sudden, she's a signer. She signs for more m&m's, more cake, more ring around the rosy, more tickles, more swinging, more milk, more anything! She pretty much uses it all the time now. We'll have to try to get her to recognize when she wants more or if she wants help or please. It's a good "sign" that she'll be able to learn more signs in the future. (and maybe talk?) Yippeeee!!!

Emma had 2 birthday parties last night (Happy 2nd birthday Franny!) and was pooped out last night. The other party was a girl's from school and it was a sleepover. I picked her up at 9:30 just to be on the safe side. I didn't want a 3 am phone call.

It's a rainy day but hopefully we'll get some more sun this weekend. Next weekend is Nora's school's auction (the EEU). They raised $750,000 dollars last year. Thanks to all my friends and family who donated to the cause. They do a lot with autism research and teach other schools how to teach autistic children. Nora has progressed so much this year. It's pretty amazing. Hopefully we'll raise as much or more money this year.

Thanks for checking in!

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mim said...

.....always want to know what's doing with miss nora and her wonderful progress....
love mim