Monday, May 5, 2008

Nothing new

Nothing new to post. Nora has been loving going outside now that the weather is warmer. She likes to go in her car and to go for walks around the block. She is pretty good at going up and down the deck stairs (only 3) and will try to escape anytime she sees the door open. She's doing fine in school. She'll keep going throughout the summer. Emma will be in some daycamps and swim lessons.

Emma is starting to be such a great reader. I read with her class every Monday and she is really improving. We have the BOB books and she is able to sound out most of the words and gets so excited about reading. I am still nervous about kindergarten, she will be THE youngest one in her class most likely and the smallest. She is a peanut. But academically, I am sure she'll be fine. She just won't be able to drive until she is in college.... well she'll be a late bloomer for sure. That is a good thing.

Happy spring

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