Sunday, August 3, 2008

Black Sheep

Nora has been singing the baa baa black sheep song for a while now and I think she has perfect pitch. (well, at least to my ear) But she sings "baa baa BAA BAA ba ba ba ba baaaa" to the exact tune. She does it all by herself without any prompting. It is so funny. And if she hears the itsy bitsy spider song she does spider hands and hums along. So cute. But after 30 rounds of the spider song, I am ready to lose it.

I had a great day. I finally used my mother's day facial gift fur-ticket. (as emma called it) It was lovely. And Emma and I went to our friend Jane's 5th birthday party in the morning. Alex stayed with Nora all day and is now spent on the couch. Hmmm,,, it's a bit tiring to stay home and entertain our 2 year old isn't it? I had a relaxing day anyway:)

Emma goes to Zoo camp all week and Nora has her EEG on Wed. Emma's party is on Sat. and then we are off to NY for 10 days. Time flies.

Hope everyone is well and having a great summer

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